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Calling Cards: DIAL DIRECT Prepaid Calling Card Monthly Pak Self Refilling Calling Plan Mobile Direct Calling Plan for Mobile Phones Citi Direct Calling Plan for Major Cities
Our premium plan with clear connection with a lot of extra features. Call anytime to any phone at same low rates. View your call details Online 24/7.

    . No Connection Fees
    . No PINs to Dial
    . No Destination #'s
    . No Hidden Fees
Get the lowest rates to call anywhere in the world on fixed monthly budget. Plan will be autometically recharged every month and minutes are rollover.

    . Fixed Monthly Budget
    . Online Call Details
    . 3 Different Plans
    . Rollover Minutes
Get the lowest rates to call any mobile phone anywhere in the world. If you make the majority of your calls to mobile phones, this is a great plan.

    . Great Rates to Cell Lines
    . Quality Connections
    . No PINs to Dial
    . No Hidden Fees
Get aggressive rates to call major cities all over the world. Includes PINless dialing, with the lowest rates if you make frequent calls to land lines in major cities.

    . Low Rates for Major Cities
    . No PINs to Dial
    . Save Money
    . Excellent Connections
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Easily look up access numbers for your area. Save minutes with a local number! Excellent rates to major and minor "Cuidad en Mexico"! Detailed rate chart for every Mexico city!
Calling Cards and Phone Card Rates from USA to:
Bangladesh Phone CardBangladesh
Bulgaria Phone CardBulgaria1.3¢
Canada Phone CardCanada0.8¢
China Phone CardChina0.9¢
Egypt Phone CardEgypt4.4¢
Ghana Phone CardGhana16.4¢
India Phone CardIndia1.1¢
Indonesia Phone CardIndonesia
Jordan Phone CardJordan6.7¢
Lithuania Phone CardLithuania4.3¢
Mexico Phone CardMexico1.1¢
Nepal Phone CardNepal8.3¢
Nigeria Phone CardNigeria5.3¢
Pakistan Phone CardPakistan8.5¢
Philippines Phone CardPhilippines8.6¢
Poland Phone CardPoland0.8¢
United Kingdom Phone CardUnited Kingdom0.8¢
USA Phone CardUSA0.9¢
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